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Childish Gambino…


If you are a fan of Community then you know him as Troy. His real name is Donald Glover and he goes by Childish Gambino, when he raps. Don’t sleep cause he is not joking. He can spit, choices great production for his songs, and oh ya he can spit.

You can get his EP here. You can check out his website here. He also has another album, and you can get that here.

Everyone that I have let listen to his songs has not only liked him but has put his shit on heavy rotation.



Freaks & Geeks

Homeboy kills it, I am for sure gettin’ this album when it drops.

Get the Mixtape SON!


To this  day I have no idea why this guy is not on everyone’s best MC list as top 5!

If you can find it check out his Libido Speedo joints from back in the day. Amazing!

Shout out to Natural L, old roommate,  who hit me with the tracks from back in the day that blew my mind.

Pay Attention Please!

Sean Peeeeeeeee!


So I was like strolling down the street and ran into the “brokest rapper you know”.  I was like “ain’t you Sean P” and he was like ” Ya that me wassup”. I was like “I just wana say much respect and I like your music” he was like “thanks you” . He preceded to tell me that Mike Tyson was almost ready and he was heading to the studio now. I was like “word, what happened to Kimbo Price” he was like “the truth is its all ready to go as far as my lyrics jus waitin on some things” I was like “word can’t wait to hear both” then I peaced him out and went on my way. No I did not ask for a picture I just kept it moving and showed respect, because that is how I do. He was mad cool and was like “i’m comin hard on Mike Tyson so watch out”. I was like WORDDDDDDDDDD!

The above is a true store and does not in any way reflect the views of people who were not there…