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The way people have been talking made me think I was the only one who realized this shit.


Stem Cells!!!!


I am not one to claim I know much about politics, but this was just a great thing I believe for the advancement of science. President Obama has finally overturned the former President George W. Bush’s limits on science’s research into embryonic stem cells. What he also did was set forth a way in which to set parameters for the choosing of administrative scientist for the research into stem cells.

What little I know about embryonic stem cells is that they can be grown or transformed into many different forms of human tissue such as skin, nerves, blood, or tissue for your intestines. I think this very amazing and should be researched further. 300px-human_embryonic_stem_cell_colony_phase1

There are many people out there that believe the use of embryonic stem cells is murder due to the fact that the embryo dies in the process of obtaining the cells. I fully understand this, but my argument is that would you rather a life that has never experienced or even had a heart beat be taken or a person who has lived and experienced lose their life, in death or by loss of memory? This is a huge debate in the world today and rightfully so.

I for one am all for stem cell research because it could open doors into the curring of many common but horrible diseases that people suffer through today.

To learn more about stem cells go to or you can also read more about President Obama’s decisions at