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The Power of Plot

Came across this really cool short called “Plot Device”. I thought it was clever so I decided to share, enjoy!




I am walking down the street today and come across this guy with these pants! Ahhhhhahahahahaha!!!

Now I realize that Scarface is a good movie, good not great!
That being said no matter how good I think a movie is I would never be caught in public wearing something this ridiculous. One leg is black the other white with Al Pacino on one of the legs.

This could arguably be the best graphic design ever, being that everyone in the hood appears to have a piece of clothing of some kind with the two-tone Scarface cover theme.

Everyone is always like “Scarface now that’s a real gangsta”. I mean come on, it is a movie played by a great actor. You could even argue he is the greatest actor simply because he has fooled all these idiots into thinking Scarface is a real person.

I do not get it at all, and maybe it is because I am not from the hood, but even if I was from the hood I would not idolize an actor. Yes Scarface is fake, as in not real, as in his real name is Al Pacino!

Alice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland & Tim Burton enough said.

Well maybe not, I would also like to say that Teedleee & Tweedledum look awesome.

Preview, watch, enjoy:


Picture 2

Being a fan of the show True Blood and Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction Movies this new movie Daybreak looks good. I really want to go see this movie.

Watch the trailer let me know what you think….



Yes another movie.

9 is by Tim Burton and is a computer animated movie that comes out 9-9-09, I like when they do that, and by they I mean movie people, and by that I mean when they (movie people) provide a real world connection to something fantastical to draw you into the world the movie has created. Looks really awesome, as do most Tim Burton movies.

It appears to be set in a post apocalyptic world where all people are dead and robots rule, but there are these small potato sack guys that are trying to find out what happened and what the world once was, at the same time avoiding the robots and battling through a world of large mountains of everyday items. Graphics look great, story line seems dark, but still fun and adventuress. Reminds me of the movie The Secret of Nimh, if you don’t know what that is then go watch, download, rip, get on Netflix, just watch it already.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think




I signed up for Stumble Upon this website that randomly shows you websites based on your likes and dislikes and compiles your likes of the chosen sites to give you more sites you may like.

It showed me this movie Moon. Trailer – Crazy, Sam Rockwell – Good Actor, Going to see the Movie – yes.

So check out the trailer.

It is like a weird Solaris with George Clooney and 2001: A Space Odyssey even the poster is kind of like the graphics from Space Odyssey.

Quick post.