The one thing I want to know is how he will be able to hear after that?




I ride the subway everyday. The diversity of people on the subway interests me. The forced interaction is intriguing. When you ride the subway everyday, especially multiple times a day, you begin to recognize the people you ride along with. I always found it weird that you recognize these people but never say anything to them. You may even share a smile of recognition, a hello, but nothing more.

There are a few people who I only know through my train ride, we say hello, we laugh at people on the train together, and comment on things we observe on the train. I enjoy my tain friendships, they are interesting. I wish for them to never end, but I know they will because some day I will move apartments, but then I will make more commuter friends.

Recently I found myself stuck at the Memphis airport awaiting a flight. I met a person from London who was also awaiting a connecting flight. We stuck together for four hours discussing our interests, the people in the airport, basically everything we could fit in our four hours together. I mad a single serving friend. We shared a moment in time and will probably share no more, but that is okay. Maybe that moment in time was enough, was all we were meant to have, if not then somehow we will have more.



The flapping of the wings is kind of weirds me out, actually everything about this thing weirds me out. I am amazed that we have finally figured out how to replicate the whole bird flying thing. Yes we have figured out how to fly, but never by flapping a type of wing.

Freaks & Geeks

Homeboy kills it, I am for sure gettin’ this album when it drops.

Get the Mixtape SON!

Shaolin say WHAT?

It takes a while to get to the good stuff because the video is slowed down, but when it happens, ummmm WOW!


So it has been a year since the first sticker, pictured above, made the rounds on the inter nets. I have received many sticker requests and received many thanks for stickers received. Throughout the year there have been many requests for alternate designs as well as custom designs. I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to share my designs and ideas with you all.

Thanks to those who have purchased stickers as well as those who have just enjoyed my designs. I will keep producing more stickers and I hope they are as appreciated as those that have come before.

Again, thank you all a great deal for the support.


Doctor WhOod

If you are Doctor Who fan then you have an idea what this sticker is a picture of, if not let me enlighten you. The sticker is a picture of an Ood. The Ood are a hive mind race or if you prefer empaths. They first appear in the episode “The Impossible Planet” when th Doctor and Rose Tyler encounter them as being slaves to the humans. The Ood have no individual names but are one entity.

Anyways, let’s get down to the reason I have posted this stickers. The deal is the sticker cost $20 US, that includes shipping(US only international is more $). Leave a message in this post indicating the quantity you would like to purchase. I will send  you a PayPal Request for the cost of the sticker(s). The sticker(s) is shipped in approximately 5-10 days from receiving payment.

Please make sure you watch our for the PayPal Request in your email. I would like to thank you for the support and interest in advance. Hope you enjoy this one, even if you aren’t a Doctor Who fan.