Hello world!

WelcomeWell so here it goes blog, blog, blog, rant, blog is a GO!

I have no real idea why I am even starting a blog, na for real I don’t. I guess I figured I should get in on this whole blog / social networking thing that everyone and the kitchen sink seems to be apart of, whatever. Generally I will wright about whatever influences me at the time that have decided to wright an entry, so be ready.

For those of you who have met me you know this could be anything from Toys, Music, Fitteds, or How the uffin Stock Market is based on the feelings of whomever is trading, I call shenanigans on all that ish!

I’m guna keep it short for this entry, but be ready for BLOG, BLOG, BLOG, rant, BLOG type craziness to happen.

I’m OUT!