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“Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men, we didn’t have any kind of prison.
Because of this, we had no delinquents.
Without a prison, there can be no delinquents.
We had no locks nor keys and therefore among us there were no thieves.
When someone was so poor that he couldn’t afford a horse, a tent or a blanket, he would, in that case, receive it all as a gift.
We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property.
We didn’t know any kind of money and consequently, the value of a human being was not determined by his wealth.
We had no written laws laid down, no lawyers, no politicians, therefore we were not able to cheat and swindle one another.
We were really in bad shape before the white men arrived and I don’t know how to explain how we were able to manage without these fundamental things that (so they tell us) are so necessary for a civilized society.”

— John (Fire) Lame Deer


The way people have been talking made me think I was the only one who realized this shit.

Ummm… Shenanigans

So I am going through the iTunes Ping looking up different artists I may want to follow. Most of the profiles are obviously not updated by the artists themselves and or are only used to promote their music, I do believe I read an article that said Apple forbid using Ping for self promotion, WHATEVER.

Any who, I some across Pharoahe Monch, and artist I feel would have great insight into music, someone I feel is an MC in the highest form. So I am looking at the profile and realise the picture associated with Monch’s profile is in fact Murs a West Coast MC.

Now if Apple is going to promote Ping as a musical social network mistakes like this can not be over looked. I mean all black people do not look alike, and it wold take what 1 minute to check and see if the photo of Pharoahe Monch is in fact Pharoahe Monch. I can also not figure out how this could happen. I mean Pharoahe did not make the page, one of his team did not make the page, and ultimately the mistake. Murs does not want to be Monch, at least I think he does not, so what happened here?

I don’t really have a conclusion to this post, it is rather a rant. So if you really are looking for something to take away from this, take this with you…


I came across this video of Saber who recently created a video in response to a campaign for health care reform. I really enjoy his commentary on why and how he created his version of the American Flag. I also really enjoy the clips of stupid ass Fox News reporters and televisions personalities expressing their feelings for the video. When Saber explains his thought process juxtaposed against FOX’s reports it reveals them for the idiots they are.


You can also purchase a screen print of the flag here

If I had the cash I would for sure own one of these.


I seem to be on a sticker run here, but believe me in no way is this intentional.

So I was reading one of my usual blog sites, Daring Fireball, and came across this post about a how to poster on how to remove the sticker from your baseball cap.

I, as many know, am a hat lover and always have been, except for the brief period when I had a lot of hair. Now, that being said, it bothers me to no end when I see stickers left on hats, and they are on peoples heads.

Look, remove the sticker! If the sticker is faded, peeling off, or ripped, it no longer looks new everyone knows THE HAT IS NOT NEW! I really hate when people leave the new big New Era sticker on the hat. The sticker takes up the whole brim and looks silly when it is on your head and peeling! WTF TAKE OFF THE STICKER! Nobody is fooled, we know the hat is not new. It does not look fresh.

Please take my advice, I have currently about 70 fitted hats and not one has a sticker on the brim or anywhere else on the hat. Trust me no hat I ever own will have a sticker on it. Once it reaches my head and is mine the sticker is gone.

Poster found at



I am walking down the street today and come across this guy with these pants! Ahhhhhahahahahaha!!!

Now I realize that Scarface is a good movie, good not great!
That being said no matter how good I think a movie is I would never be caught in public wearing something this ridiculous. One leg is black the other white with Al Pacino on one of the legs.

This could arguably be the best graphic design ever, being that everyone in the hood appears to have a piece of clothing of some kind with the two-tone Scarface cover theme.

Everyone is always like “Scarface now that’s a real gangsta”. I mean come on, it is a movie played by a great actor. You could even argue he is the greatest actor simply because he has fooled all these idiots into thinking Scarface is a real person.

I do not get it at all, and maybe it is because I am not from the hood, but even if I was from the hood I would not idolize an actor. Yes Scarface is fake, as in not real, as in his real name is Al Pacino!

The Weather?


Okay, so tell me why it hailed today. Yes large pieces of ice falling from the sky along with intense thunder and rain. It was crazy. One second sunny, the next the lights flicker and ice falls from the sky. I mean, am I the only one seeing how the Earth is responding to our disrespectful attitudes. Everyone I know is like, save the earth, recycle, how can we utilize everything we can to create less trash, but I feel like the middle of America, basically those who voted for McCain and Bush, are still being mad ignorant. I mean really? We have floods, massive storms, things happening weather wise that just are not the norm and people are still going about their day like nothing changed. Hellooooo!! Like at the end of that great Spike Lee movie… Wake UPPPPPPPPPPP!