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Honorable Mention…

Urban Shed #37603824598

So I recently entered this competition, with a few people from the firm at which I work, to redesign the sidewalk shed. If you live in NYC you are very familiar with the sidewalk shed because they are the hideout from the rain, snow, and even sun but are mostly a hinderance and  horrible addition to the NYC landscape.

It really came down to the wire for us, and by wire I mean we handed it in at 5:08 when they said 5:00. We keep it real, and it almost went wrong. Anyhow we got honorable mention. Haters are like, and who cares about honorable mention, and I am like me SON! Out of 270 designers from around the world who registered for the UrbanShed International Design Competition we were chosen as one of the best. There were three winners and three honorable mentions, I be one.

I know its hard to see but the design is fairly thought out and intricate. There were a lot of design criteria we had to meet and I believe we did a good job in meeting all of them, some of the winners did not. Anyways the design was stressfull and rushed, but it came out good.

Check the slideshow for the winners and honorable mentions.


Design o Rama!


So tonight I am going with a couple of co-workers to this event for AFHny, Architecture for Humanity New York. We are entering a competition to design the class room for the future, you must say this in a big solar system sounding voice. It is a real interesting project, and you know Jirobot luv da KIDS!!!

So if you got some time check it out,

Remember, “I believe children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…” Whitney Houston

When we complete the design I will post it so everyone can see the outcome and the winner! I may even post in process design ideas to see what you think or not.