A helping Tentacle..

I came across this prosthetic design while trolling through the internets. Designed by Kaylene Kau a graduate from the University of Washington. The prosthetic takes a different approach to replacing an arm.

I have seen many ideas, designs, and strides in the field of prosthetics, but the problem always seems to be how to replicate the amazing functionality of the human hand.

This idea by Ms. Kau just forgets about the hand and takes a different angle. Designed to replicate tentacle, this prothetic is is a great idea. What is also great about the design is its ability to reduce the power requirements as illustrated in this schematic drawings shown below.

It is ideas like Ms. Kau’s that illustrate the importance of taking a different route to the solution of a problem. Advances are made only by those who are willing to find their own path and are not afraid of trying something new.

Taking a completely realist view of the project I do understand that some may view a tentacle, in lieu of a hand or arm, as somewhat unsettling. I feel as though if this prothetic could improve a person’s quality of life then the tentacle is completely worth the looks they may receive.

Give Kaylene some traffic and check out her project http://www.coroflot.com/kaylenek/PROSTHETIC-ARM?school_name=University+of+Washington%2C+College+of+Built+Environments&

I have included a few more photos below. Absolutely amazing, oh and yes Cephalopods are the BEST and are simply AMAZING!

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