I had this crazy idea the other day, one of many, about Inception. First, I would like to say I walked out of the theater amazed and asking myself so many questions. The ideas presented in the movie have been running through my head ever since that fateful day, or night, I was introduced to the idea of dream levels. I have attempted to wrap my head around the many different scenarios that could occur by having six characters travel through their dream states. How many possibilities could there be in the dream level combinations? Oh, wait, I forgot to mention that I absolute am enthralled with television right now, Rubicon, True Blood, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Firefly, etc. So that being said I would like to present the idea of a television series based on Inception.

I would love to see this movie become a television series. I believe, if done correctly, it could appeal to a wide range of the television audience and would create a following the likes of LOST and Battlestar Galactica. Without really going into the idea I basically thought it would be great to see the movie drawn out into a series. Each episode would bring a new level of the dream state. This would allow for a great diversity in the sets, costumes, stories, while keeping one thread of an idea running throughout the season and wrapping that idea up in the season finale, or not. We could be introduced to a series of amazing characters throughout the season. With every episode our perception of reality would be questioned and bent with the set design and location.

I beg you, yes you, if you are listening, please make this happen. It would be a great success and would be another great televisions series to watch.

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