Mr. Jackson if your nasty…

I have never made two different stickers with the same theme or of the same person, but here you go.

The deal is the sticker cost $18 US, that includes shipping(US only international is more $). Leave a message in this post indicating the the quantity you would like to purchase. I will send  you a PayPal Request for the cost of the sticker(s). The sticker(s) is shipped in approximately 5-10 days from receiving payment.

A lot of people have recently been asking for stickers but not paying when they recieve the PayPal Request? If you request a sticker make sure you really are willing to pay the $18 and make sure you check for the PayPal Request.

Thanks for your support in advance.


    • travis
    • August 19th, 2010

    hey would love to buy this sticker for my macbook can you email me back

    • Joe
    • January 7th, 2011

    I’d like to buy one of these for my 17″ Macbook Pro.

    Thank you,

    • Jonathan Rivera
    • February 4th, 2011

    I need this too

      • jirobot
      • February 5th, 2011

      Sorry man none left. I will contact you when I get more in stock.


    flowinpoet74 at yahoo dot com


    15″ MBP

    • Alejandro
    • July 4th, 2011

    hey boss,
    I NEED three of these bad boys in my life..
    copped a few of the jordan’s a while back & loved em’

    alexgarcia310 at

    keep on doing what u do, much respect.

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