Goonies Never Say Die!

I took a little time between the last sticker and the one you see above, maybe too long, but I could not think of what I wanted on my MBP next!  I went through all the characters I loved as a kid and now, all the comic books, and finally realized GOONIES. Goonies is the perfect expression of how I choose to live. I love technology like Data, adventure like Mikey, movies like Mouth, and I am a big brother like Bran, I am also round like Chunk. I not only like Goonies, but I am one of the Goonies.

What else could be more suiting as my first full color MBP sticker other than Goonies. The sticker is a vinyl sticker made for the 17″  MBP. It is in full color and will run you $15.00 and $5.00 for shipping. If you are intereseted leave a comment. I will generate a PayPal Payment Request, and there we go. I hope you enjoy the new sticker.

Goonies Never Say Die !

    • forevasauced
    • February 10th, 2010


    • jack
    • April 26th, 2010

    Id pay $40 for that sticker easy. Too bad you have a “production problem”. I know every line of Goonies.

      • jirobot
      • April 26th, 2010

      Well it is your lucky day, I have one left. If you are interested leav me your email and I will generate a paypal request.

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