My last post consisted of an actor in the UFC and now a UFC fighter as an actor. I would like to inform you of the new A-Team movie, yes the A-Team.

Basically the A-Team was a televisions show about a group of ex-military guys. Every episode they would have a mission to perform that would alow them to utilize the diverse set of skills. One of the things i remember, as I am sure  most people who watched the show remember, was the black van. Even people who never watched on episode recognize the signature black van with the red strip that went from front to the rear spoiler. Every episode B.A. would retro fight the van with some ridiculous weaponry, like the grill mounted double machine guns the pivoted back and forth, AMAZING!

Quintin “Rampage” Jackson will be playing the role of B.A. Baracus previously played by Mr. T. Now I really am not sure how this movie will turn out. It is a basic shout-em-up movie with a weak plot, but then you factor in the nostalgia of the A-Team series and we have a standout. Now Rampage as an actor, no, but he could pull it off because he does have the look and overall demeanor, just limit his lines and we could be okay.

On a side note as a kid who’s mother did not allow him to play with guns, I am not sure how I was allowed to watch this show, but I was and I loved every second.

Check out the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzHnpBlufCU&hd=1

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