I seem to be on a sticker run here, but believe me in no way is this intentional.

So I was reading one of my usual blog sites, Daring Fireball, and came across this post about a how to poster on how to remove the sticker from your baseball cap.

I, as many know, am a hat lover and always have been, except for the brief period when I had a lot of hair. Now, that being said, it bothers me to no end when I see stickers left on hats, and they are on peoples heads.

Look, remove the sticker! If the sticker is faded, peeling off, or ripped, it no longer looks new everyone knows THE HAT IS NOT NEW! I really hate when people leave the new big New Era sticker on the hat. The sticker takes up the whole brim and looks silly when it is on your head and peeling! WTF TAKE OFF THE STICKER! Nobody is fooled, we know the hat is not new. It does not look fresh.

Please take my advice, I have currently about 70 fitted hats and not one has a sticker on the brim or anywhere else on the hat. Trust me no hat I ever own will have a sticker on it. Once it reaches my head and is mine the sticker is gone.

Poster found at


  1. fine…but im gettin some fresh new joints from

    in ur face.

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