Enchilada Night!!!


I recently decided to embark on a culinary first, the creation of the ENCHILADA.

I looked on the nets to find recipes for the ENCHILADA but could not find one that suited my tastes. So with my memory of my last ENCHILADA in mind, and mouth, and craving for some beans and tortillas I embarked on ENCHILADA NIGHT!

Having previously purchased some of the ingredients during my bi-weekly food shopping run I only needed but a few items to reach ENCHILADA totality. Following work I ran to the store pushing and shoving my way through the doors and crowded lines to achieve ENCHILADA en part. Making a mad dash to the subway I was forced to wait as my salivary glands filed with juices, ewwww. Finally the I reach my stop hop of and dash for the kitchen. Gathering all the necessary ingredients and turning on the bunsen burner and flux capacitor i begin to cook. With a few chops, sprinklers, sizzles, plops, rolls, and shoves ENCHILADAS are in for combustion. Tick, tock, tick tock as I await my creation and suddenly they are ready. With fork in hand I take the first step into adventure, adventure being the ENCHILADA in case you did not pick up what I was putting down.

AMAZING!!! my taste buds shout as I dive in for another. Yes JiroBot can cook, and cook he shall. ENCHILADAAAAAAAAA!!!


    • Your hunta
    • October 14th, 2009

    I bet you took a mean dodo after that

  1. and you didnt send an invitation out to me???

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