I am walking down the street today and come across this guy with these pants! Ahhhhhahahahahaha!!!

Now I realize that Scarface is a good movie, good not great!
That being said no matter how good I think a movie is I would never be caught in public wearing something this ridiculous. One leg is black the other white with Al Pacino on one of the legs.

This could arguably be the best graphic design ever, being that everyone in the hood appears to have a piece of clothing of some kind with the two-tone Scarface cover theme.

Everyone is always like “Scarface now that’s a real gangsta”. I mean come on, it is a movie played by a great actor. You could even argue he is the greatest actor simply because he has fooled all these idiots into thinking Scarface is a real person.

I do not get it at all, and maybe it is because I am not from the hood, but even if I was from the hood I would not idolize an actor. Yes Scarface is fake, as in not real, as in his real name is Al Pacino!

    • reasonstodie
    • December 29th, 2009

    Keep it up man, funny

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