Vinyl Stickers

IMG_0437So I have been searching for a cool vinyl sticker for my computer. Being that I could not find a sticker that was me or anything I wanted on my computer I began to search for vinyl I could use to print my own stickers. After months of searching I finally found a place that allowed me to purchase a normal amount of blank vinyl sheets.

I should say that this all came from me wanting, for like a year now, to get my or a Mac Book laser etched. The Gizmodo gallery was near and they were doing laser etching of any Vector image for $25.00, a deal. The only thing was would it void my warranty. You may say uff do it anyways, and I would say well cool laser etching or out of $2,000.00 plus computer. I actually called Apple and spoke to like three people to determine if the warranty would in fact be void from laser etching. The definitive answer I received “YES” with a tone of a person speaking to a moron. Hey I had to check.

Anyways I received the vinyl today printed out some images and applied. I am very happy. The vinyl removes with no residue, but is secure enough were it does not feel as though it will just peel off for no reason. Let me know what you think of the stickers.

Pickup your own blank sheets here. I purchased the 8.5″ x 11″ clear glossy vinyl.


  1. Ooooo…I like the splatter one of you.

      • jirobot
      • September 29th, 2009

      Thanks I had the image from when I made the blog header and thought it would be cool as a sticker. I could prob do one of you if you would like?

  2. HOTNESS!!

  3. fresh

    aight den

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