Sean Peeeeeeeee!


So I was like strolling down the street and ran into the “brokest rapper you know”.  I was like “ain’t you Sean P” and he was like ” Ya that me wassup”. I was like “I just wana say much respect and I like your music” he was like “thanks you” . He preceded to tell me that Mike Tyson was almost ready and he was heading to the studio now. I was like “word, what happened to Kimbo Price” he was like “the truth is its all ready to go as far as my lyrics jus waitin on some things” I was like “word can’t wait to hear both” then I peaced him out and went on my way. No I did not ask for a picture I just kept it moving and showed respect, because that is how I do. He was mad cool and was like “i’m comin hard on Mike Tyson so watch out”. I was like WORDDDDDDDDDD!

The above is a true store and does not in any way reflect the views of people who were not there…

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