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Anybody who knows me knows that I use to live for kicks. I would be up on what was coming out next and what designers were doing a collaboration with Nike for the next fresh pair, thanks a lot Romeo you know it was all your fault. I have since retired from the kick game thanks to, Planter Fasciities, look it up it sucks! This however does not mean I no longer like sneakers, I still look for them when in stores and find the new ish when online.

My favorite model of kicks were and still are the Nike Air Trainers, simply the best in style and function in my humble opinion.


Now that being said, living in NYC you are smothered by people who camp out for kicks, or kids who rock fresh kicks and act like they are big willies when they have a fresh pair of Js on, but really their parents bought them and they have no real money of their own!? Let me not digress from the topic at hand.

The real reason I bring NYC into the kick equation is their love for the AIR FORCE ONE aka Uptowns. Now the history behind the A1 is cool and interesting, but they are probably the ugliest pair of Nike sneakers you can purchase. For some unknown reason all people from NYC love these things? The fact that NYC loves them means other people who follow fashion love them, NYC being a fashion center and all.

The fact that people like the ugliest sneaker in Nike’s line up is okay, but Nike seeing this says, huh lets make all these color ways and exclusive packs of A1’s. This brings us around to the reason for this post. Recently I came across a fresh pair of customized Nike’s that I found interesting because of the idea and the fact that I had this idea in my head years ago, just never did anything with it, believe me or not whatever. An aside, I usually hate the customization of sneakers as far as marker paint and ish because they usually look shitty and incomplete


The sneakers were customized as part of Art Clash 09 in Germany by Blackyard. Now, the fact that they are a pair of A1 Nikes I can get past because the execution appears to be well done and the additional graphic of the sign and the display of the kicks on the hook is fresh and complete. To go back to a previous statement I though of doing this on a pair of Nikes because one of my favorite sneaker stores Dave’s Quality Meats in NYC, they slept on this one.

Complete is really the key in this design as it should be it all design, but often times is not.

Now I do not know much about Blackyard, but you can check them out if you would like

    • miranda
    • August 11th, 2009

    AHHHHHHHHHH! Brooo waddup i misss u doodoohead! damnn u was a sneaaakerhead to the max thooo….nice blog i cud dig it very interesting

    peace one doodoo

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