Bobby McFerrin!?


When I was little I really really loved that song by Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. My Grandmother was really impressed because I knew every word to the song and I was about 6 maybe? She actually bought me the 45, for you little ones, that is a record of either 7″, 10″ or 12″ called a 45 because you had to run it 45 RPMs, I had the small 7″ single. Anyways I just loved that song and thought it was amazing when I learned that he made the whole song with just his voice. Bobby McFerrin is usually thought of a a Beat box artists, which I would agree with, but to pigeon whole him into that small a category is not doing him justice.

Another thing I remember about Mr. McFerrin is that I heard he committed suicide like in the early 90’s I guess that was an untruth because he is still doing him. All these memories cam back to me in a rush and made me smile because of this clip I came across. The genius that comes with a person who plays and fully understands music in its most basic form is just mind boggling to me.

Mr. McFerrin displays his genius in this clip where he shows a little of how the brain is influenced by music and how at its basic level it understands music and the language of sound.

Please enjoy this clip and some other clips of Mr. McFerrin at the World Science Fair

The Don’t Worry Be Happy Music Video

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