IMG_0108“today wuz a good day” -Ice Cube

Today I received my camera case in the mail! This camera case was made for the Canon G10 and was only released in Europe and Asia, not the USA where the G10 is also sold? Sooo I was forced to purchase one from EBay.

This being my first foray into EBay purchasing I was skeptical, but like I said today was a good day. I got that ish from a seller in Japan. They were listed as a power seller and had 100% satisfaction or good comments. I received the case in 3 days as promised and I am very satisfied.

The case is a black leather case with a pelted maroon lining. The cover completely snaps of and the base is attached utilizing the screw mount on the bottom of the camera, but there is a screw mount in that so the mounting of the camera on a tri-pod is still available.

I am very happy with the case and the seller, and if you have not guessed by now I have a Canon G10, its fresh.

I just want to shout out my seller in Japan  jp-Gift, Wud Up Nuckaaa! LMAO!



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