Just one more thing!



To say I am excited is beyond words. Even if I wanted to express the feeling of elation I had when I walked home with a brand new Mac Book Pro in my hands and new that is was all mine, I could not do such.

I have wanted this stupid thing for like ever and a day. Ever since I dreamt about owning a uni body Mac Book Pro with a multi touch track pad, illuminated key board, 4 Gigs of Ram, and a password that only I know, like back in 97′ when i fell asleep because I had just done that thing that wore me out to know end and I all I could do was use all my energy to crawl back into my bedroom in the attic, and fall asleep listening to nothing but hot air being oscillated by a fan that ticked like a bomb waiting to explode, wowwww basically you get the idea.

… and now its MINE ALL MINE!!!


That is my evil villian laugh so recognize.

    • JP the damaja
    • May 21st, 2009

    shout out from 37,000 feet in the air… on my mbp using virgin america wifi SON!

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