Hi Guy!


So I kind have not been posting that much recently…

Why you ask, well I have been on the low, attempting to catch that elusive Phoneclise the number jacker. I felt as though somehow he was watching my blog and plotting his moves based on post and the location of said posts, really covert, espionage, cold war type of ish ya see. So, like detective Gorin, Law and Order fans you know who this be, I stopped feeding his ego and no longer posted about his exploits.

Did this work you say, NO! This bad mama jama went and came even closer to home base, by home base I mean the blog cave. Its kind of like the bat cave, but no bats, cleaner, not in a cave at all, no ill car, and in a building that I pay rent at, and receive mail. Sooooo almost just like the bat cave except a few minor changes.

Again you may say, Jirobot! come on you are going way to far with this phone ish, WHATEVER MANNNNNN… I am like 1/4 Native American I can sense when someone is hunting me.

So this dude, and by dude I do not mean the literal meaning but instead the slang meaning, went and set a phone on fire near my means transport, again not a fly ass car with fire for propulsion and that shoots cool little bombs and bullets out of it when in trouble.

Anyways, he lit a phone on fire sending a message to me to back off. It think it is a metaphor of his flaming love for the chase and battle between he and I, no homo, but maybe that is far fetched.

Just know that I see you and I know who you are and that you are reading, I am sure that you even know what I am going to type next.. poop scoop… got ya didn’t see that one…happy meal… got you again. Well its on like DONKEY KONG!!!

P.S. I am Mario who eventually gets to the last level and captures the princes despite all your efforts to stop me from reaching the top. HA!


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