I see your Trap and call…

So you know those two oranges I set for a trap? Well they are gone…

You must say dum, dum, dummmm… following that.

Okay, okay maybe a homeless person got hungry, possible. Maybe someone was using the phone and wanted a snack after a long conversation, possible. The argument could even be made that someone calling the phone, wrong number, a passerby answered, out of good intentions, and while saying “Hello” the caller reached through the the phone took the oranges, and in the process popped off the cover, possible.

I would like to beleive that Dr. Phone, previously known as Phonan the Destroyer, saw me leave after my long vigilant night and struck. Touché my archnemisis touché…

What should my next move be… Fingerprints yielded nothing…

Help me out people let me know what you think, how should I proceed?

    • mj
    • May 7th, 2009

    Leave a note. late at night. with fruit of course.

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