Game, Set, Trap!

It has been a while since I came across Conan the Phone Destroyer’s handy work, so I decided to strike first and set a trap. That being said, I have no idea what would draw him to a phone so I used oranges!

The idea of using oranges came from the fact that it is a very portable fruit, easy to consume, and the Destoyer’s need for quick energy to continue his rampage on the public telephone sytem.

The trap was set, two oranges set atop a phone that is off a main street supplying possible coverage. I sat in a car just in direct sight of the booth, but out of sight if at the booth.

Two hours pass and only a few people to actually use the phone and one using the bathroom, yes in the phone booth.

Nothing, after the cover of dark fell I was sure the Destroyer never shows. It turns 12:00am and I am done, I can no longer wait. I will just have to fingerprint the area once the oranges are gone.

Hopefully I can get to the bottom of the this!

    • forevasauced
    • May 4th, 2009


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