Today I came across the aftermath of a battle between Colossus and the The Hulk! This must have been an epic battle given the strength of the two.

I imagine that The Hulk struck the first blow, a looping uppercut accompanied by a growl of rage that would leave the most veteran superhero flat on his back. The blow dodged swiftly by Colossus was followed by a leaping “Super Man” punch which landed flush on the side of the Hulk’s face. Stumbled for a second Hulk parried the blow with a viscous uppercut that threw Colossus skidding along the ground leaving damage in its wake.

Please note this is the damage evident in the photos that is under the disguise of “routine street and sewer maintenance”.

Shaking the blow off as he made his way to his knee Colossus caught the flash of Hulk running in for a tackle and finishing blow. Quickly lunging, he dodges the rushing Hulk and takes his back in a sequence of dives and leaps. Colossus, now on the back of Hulk, takes his neck and squeezes. Feeling the small by comparison Colossus on his back Hulk rips a pipe from the freshly opened street and begins to slam it into the squeezing Colossus.

This is evident by the steam coming from an opened hole in the photos.

Hanging on but being battered by the vicious attack Colossus fights
to subdue the thrashing Hulk. Giving up on the pipe the Hulk grabs at his back attempting to reach Colossus. Finally taking a hold of him he rips him from his back and tosses Colossus into the ally. Having struck a piece of scaffolding and side of a building Colossus is stunned and down. Hulk, seeing his opportunity leaps and goes for the double fisted smash only to be swept away by a gust of wind and rain, nearly

missing his target. Stunned by the sudden turn of events and force of wind Hulk turns to see Storm floating down to the street. Hulk stands and takes a run at Storm, but is thwarted yet again by Storm’s gale force wind attack. Hulk knowing he is outnumbered leaps into the sky and away from the battle. Colossus finally able to recover stands and in the rage of having nearly been defeated rips out a chunk of earth and tosses it aside.

  1. looks like you got there right before Mole Man submerged from his underground kingdom…

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