Today Fringe came back on television. Without warning it was just off air, and I wondered of of was cancels due to rating.

The show is very much like the X-Files
in that the protaganists are working with the FBI and solving these weird cases that pop up. A difference between the two shows is that they have a hustler type character and his father the scientist who is a former psycho ward residnet, this makes for and interesting and dynamic interaction of characters.

When I first saw a commercialfor the show I was intrigued and watched on premier day only to be dissapointed in the acting and simplicity I plot. I
However, I stuck with it and rightfully so because of is a much better show developing the plot of each show and the overall theme of the series.

I highly suggest checking it out if you are a fan of The X or even Lost.

A side note, I am writing this on
my iPhone when watching.

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