Me Grimlock…


Its here its here Transformers Masterpiece 08 Grimlock!

I have waited 2 months for the thing to arrive. You may say, Jiro you are a a grown man and you are this excited about a toy? YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! When I first found out that they would be making Grimlock as the next Masterpiece series I almost sharted and had a geek moment. My friend who was with me actually walked out the store because of embarrassment.

I love toys and I don’t give an efff what anyone thinks they are funky fresh.

So Grimlock is fresh, basically! It does not have as much die cast pieces as I had hoped, but it is still official. The sword and gun light up when in his hand, the eyes can change from red to blue in both robo and dino mode, and when you move the tail the head moves in dino mode, ish is FRESH!

if you can’t tell how excited I am by reading this post then I don’t know how else to express my joy.

A little background. Grimlock is the leader of the Dinobots, and one of the strongest Transformers. It is said that his power is equalled only by Optimus Prime himself, WOW! Basically Grimlock is an official gangster and should not be fucked with.

I have provided photos for your enjoyment / envy. Peep game…





  1. thats jive fresh!!!!

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