Being someone who losses tones of sleep thinking about my next design or what is going on with the current, I can relate to these products. These designs are really cool to me so I though I should share.

img_0184I find it funny when designers who stay up all night coming up with new designs and something innovative create something that would allow them to get sleep while still at the work table. Its amazing that no matter how hard one tries your body gets what it wants and if not lets you know what it needs

Sometimes that is what it takes to be the best. “Me got tree jobs ya lazy coconut ed!” In living color

The web site for the first desgin: http://www.majagan.com/pillowforworkl.html

    • i_quit!
    • March 19th, 2009

    This is designed by “THE MAN” to keep the little man down and working all the time. No vacation. No outside fun. “You don’t need sleep, just naps.”

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