economy-candyWith the amazing weather and what seemed to be a feeling of all encompassing happiness running through the city I ventured out, in search of fun. I quickly remembered that the warm weather brought out people en-mass, flip flops, t-shirts, sunglasses, and my adventures to the LES. For all you non-New Yorkers that is the Lower East Side. With the LES comes ECONOMY CANDY, said in a grand and deep universal sounding voice.economy-candy-inside

Economy Candy is a Candy store, obvious, that I came across in my walks through the city when I first came here for school. I quickly found out that it would be a place I would visit a great deal and was an institution in the LES. By far Economy Candy is the greatest candy store I have ever been to  or heard about. I say this because it is filled to the brim with candy. From old candy that your mom or grandma ate to the candies you remembered as a kid. A friend would walk into the store and say “Cannddddiesss” in the most childlike whisper she could muster.This is the exact feeling it brings out of you.You are really a kid in a candy store. They are reasonably priced and have everything from Candy cigarettes or Jelly Bellies  to Charleston Chew to chocolate covered gummy bears, the later being my favorite.

I quickly made a bee line for the chocolate covered raisins,not raisinets, and the chocolate covered gummy bears. I also tried to get a chocolate covered s-mores but they were out, so I picked up a chocolate covered Oreo, YUM!.

If you are interested in visiting the store, and I suggest you do quickly, it is at 108 Rivingtoeconomy-candy-inside-2n Street between Essex and Ludlow. Make sure you bring your money and some self control because you could quickly go crazy tying to take it all home. I suggest multiple visits and often.

    • Benjamin
    • March 25th, 2009

    In the ever-immortal words of Liz Lemon: “I want to go to there.”

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