You Dirty Rattttttt!

2977545070104181437s600x600q85courtesy of Environmental Graffiti

I hate rats, mice, and any other mammal that tries to come into my living space uninvited or wanted. Now being that I live in NYC rats are an every day occurrence. You see them in the subway, down the  ally ways, and sometimes on the sidewalk chillin. They gross me out, but at the same interest me. I enjoy watching them from afar, very very far.

The rat as we know it in NYC is  Rattus Norvegicus or Norwegian Rat, the common brown rat. I know this because I have read the book Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants by Robert Sullivan. I would highly suggest this book because it makes you uncomfortable reading it as you learn the amazing things rats can do, especially when you are watching them crawl around the tracks just a few steps away.

Did you know that rats can eat through concrete, or that they are nearly blind and find their way around mostly through smell, or that it is the equivalent of an Olympic athlete in its abilities. They are very amazing creatures in the own rights. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not like  rats.

My way of handling something I am either afraid of or dislike is to research it to better understand how or why it is, this allows me to better cope with its existence.

I came across and article today on Environmental Graffiti They found a rat in China that has teeth 1-inch long and has a 12-inch tale, CRAZY!! The funny thing I have seen rats this large before because I was made to watch a video in 9th Grade about rat catchers in Indonesia where they would catch rats larger than some cats by the tale and slam they against the ground killing them, needless to say it was insane.

If you are more interested about rats there are many resources out there, but I suggest reading the book I listed above. I mean they are here no matter if you like it or not, so learn about the things in your world.

    • Jayce Evens
    • March 6th, 2009

    haha those damn rats with the new york accents are not to be f%@$ed with in the subway

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