Phone Stories from the Dark Side


You will never believe it I came across another broken fun. Who would of thunk it? This time damage was minimal the phone body was intact but the guts were ripped out.The only reason I happened to see this phone was because as I walked down the street I heard a heavy hacking. I turned the corner and looked and saw this phone with its face ripped off! I attempted to save the thing, but the face was completely removed from the scene.

The amount of anger it requires to tear the face of a poor phone and rip its guts out  is insane. I have a feeling this was a premeditated destruction. I say this because as I held the phone in my hands is whispered its last breath to me. It said Dope Life… I was like wut the? Then it said Bubblegum… again wut the fuuuu?!

Unfortunately I could get no more answers as the phone finally expired. I was sad, I called 311 on my cell phone and reported the incident. They were fully aware of a rash of recent phone killings around the city. The 311 person informed me they had a lead to the location of culprit. I said does Dope Life or Bubble Gum mean anything to you. The line disconnected suddenly.

This ish is crazy, I mean am I the only person seeing this going on? Has this been happening for a while? What the hel is going on? I looked up the word dope life and bubble gum and this is what I

I don’t know how this relates to the phone problems happening in the city, but it must mean something?! I am posting this picture around the city on telephone to see if anyone knows more or can provide any leads. julian-on-phone-copy

Please if you know anything more about this leave a comment. All information leading the capturing of the Phony McRing Ring assailant will remain anonymous and will receive a $1.00 reward if the information leads to a conviction.

    • Jayce Evens
    • March 5th, 2009

    haha my ninja!!!
    good looks, you got my phone call finally..shout out to everyone supporting my dope life mixed with a little bit of bubble gum lmao

    • Ka$ha (your beloved sister!)
    • March 5th, 2009


    • MJ
    • March 7th, 2009

    Its the cel phone companies paying kids to destroy the public phones. CONSPIRACY!!!

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