I have been in a lot of pain today. My neck, jaw freaking TMJ ish sucks!!! I think I made need to get my wisdom teeth removed, probably is not helping.

The jaw pain and fact that I was thinking about my wisdom teeth made me think why do we still have these damn teeth that seem to only cause pain. It is thought that we previously had large jaws to accommodate our diets at the time, but once our diets changed a larger jaw was no longer needed, but the teeth in the rear of that jaw, the wisdom teeth, still exist in humans today.

That is where evolution comes into play. I am not going to say I am a disbeliever in certain things, but I am a strong believer in evolution. It is visible throughout the natural world, and interests me a great deal. Now one question I have for evolution is why have you not gotten rid of my need to grow wisdom teeth? I understand evolution works slow, but come on already!

Seriously though, evolution is an amazing thing that I don’t believe anyone fully understands. If you say that you do then you are full of sh…. even if you do have a degree from MIT or Harvard.  Every article or book I read about the theory of evolution is extremely detailed in how evolution causes changes in species, at times from generation to generation and at times over many generations. The one thing I want to know is what in the generation or creature, prior to the observed evolutionary change, recognized the insufficiency in the creature and changed it in the offspring. Does the DNA have the ability to learn as it passes through generations or individuals and retain that learned knowledge to affect change. I am not sure! If so why does it not change the individual it is in and allow it to become better suited for it’s environment.

This is exactly where some would say the idea of God, Buddha, Allah,YHVH, or whatever you may call the one creator comes into play. This just could be and as I previously stated I am not saying I am a disbeliever in anything, but I am not necessarily a believer either. If this causes you to have problems with me or my blog or whatever then that is okay I understand, but just know I do not fault you for what you believe or disbelieve.

Life is an amazing thing I love and am awed by. The more I found out about the complexity of this 4 letter word. It seems a little weird to me to simplify something so complex into a word, but I guess it has to be given a name. After all that is what we do with things to make them understandable, even if we don’t fully understand it in its entirety.

    • Ka$ha (your beloved sister!)
    • March 3rd, 2009

    guess what…..I do not have any wisdome teeth in my mouth, nor will i grow any because i just plain and simple don’t have any in my head! Isn’t that great!!(minus the part that one of my actual 12 year molars hasn’t come down yet and i need oral surgery to fix that)

    • Damned Architect
    • April 7th, 2009

    Thought you may find this post interesting…


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