Walking through the city at night allows you to see the living city. Some say the city is truly alive during the day when the hustle and bustle of commuters can be seen in the streets, subways, and sidewalks. I rather say you can see the city alive at night. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying when I say it is alive at night, this is not because of NYC night life, but rather you can see it breath. You can hear the sounds of the city itself not what occupies the city. You can see its skin along with all of its cracks and crevices.We even have people that go out at night to clean the city, to fix any viruses it has contracted during the day, to allow it arteries to flow freely.

Its funny because we think these people work at night to make things better for us during the day. I disagree, they go out so that the city can deal with us the next morning. Tubes are stuck into its openings to release its frustration of the day. With everything we put the city through during the day it deserves a manicure, or a skin peal, something to say thank you.

Sometimes if you just walk around at night you can hear the city breath and roll over trying to get comfortable with all the new structures we have erected on its surface. If you pay close attention you can even see its chest heave with each breath it takes. Nobody seems to really pay attention to these little noises, they seem to be to busy listening to themselves and worrying about what chores they have to get done the next day. All the while the city is doing the same thing, preparing itself for what chores you have to do the next day at the same recovering from what chores or work you just completed.

Next time you complain about how the trains are running slow, or how that pot-hole in the streets has not been fixed yet, or how the lot of land you want to build on needs to have piles put into the ground just to erect whatever structure you have decided to build in one of the many areas the city has to itself, think about how much harder it is on the city.

Don’t be an ass, say thank you to the city and all that it provides because it never asks anything of you, it only provides.

    • Greta Zukauskaite
    • March 2nd, 2009

    yoo JIROOOOOO…. this stuff your jottin’ downis kinda nice… you look like Jesus in that picture

    stay fly

    • yourteratoma
    • March 2nd, 2009

    funny that this post comes right after the evolution post. the way we anthropomorphize seemingly inanimate objects is such a human trait. its great to see how it evolves through time and how it varies from person to person.

  1. did you take that pic? i never thought of the city like that before…pretty deep

      • jirobot
      • March 2nd, 2009

      Yes I took that picture on an outing.

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