Saturday Morning Cartoon

80s-cartton-bannerI am a strong believer in the idea of never letting go of your inner child. For me it is more like trying to find my inner adult because I am an 80’s Kid Fo’ Life!

With this in mind lets briefly review the current state of Saturday morning cartoons. Anyone who new me as the younger version of myself new that Saturday morning cartoons was a must, a ritual that could not be broken. If the ritual was broken the penalty was having to deal with a very upset young boy for the rest of the day.

I feel like kids now a days do not have that commitment to Saturday morning cartoons as I did or my friends did when we were young. Some would say, well the kid should be doing something more constructive with his time rather than sitting in front of the T.V. Well I say uff them, the cartoons last for such a short time and for only that one morning of the week, what could be the harm?

Saturday morning cartoons today consist of variations of Pokemon. They are all based on kids playing a stupid card game and selling those games for the kids to play. Funny note as I typed this a commercial for bakugan card game commercial came on the T.V. All of the cartoons seem to be created to sell a product. You may say there was a toy for every cartoon in the 80’s as well. I could not disagree, i had them all, but the difference is the toys were made around the cartoon not vice-versa! The cartoons now don’t seem to evoke creativity. It is either card games or stupid badly computer rendered malarkey! I mean seriously Rescue Rangers made me want to build a boat out of random things in my house, Gummy Bears made me imagine a world in the forest that I was not able to see, but went on without me. There were those shows like G.I. Joe that was out right propaganda and violence, but it taught me how to tread water or stop a nose bleed. Where is that sense of wonder and learning in today’s cartoons? You watch the cartoon and you play the cards the same way they do in the cartoon no imagination needed.

To quote Popeye “I Yam what I Yam…” because of the cartoons I watched on Saturday morning when I was a kid. Some might say that that is bs, but for those of you who know me you know I speak the 100% truth, me no lie.

Well now that I got that out of my sytem I feel better and can now start the day. If only it could have begun with a little “THUNDER CATS HOOOO”

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