E.T. Phone Home


Please note that when reading the title of this post it must be read out loud in the best E.T. voice you can muster.

So, I came across this phone the other day during one of my many walks about the city. Upon seeing this phone I began to wonder about it’s story. This led me to create two possible hypothesis for the phone’s state. A). The person talking on the phone slammed it onto the receiver therefore breaking the phone and releasing huge amounts of energy which then rippled through the streets of NYC causing a minor earthquake on Bradhurst Ave. in the Harlem which shook my dresser causing my lamp to lean further down which in turn hit my fully pose-able Black Ox figurine causing it to fall on its face, or B). The phone was already broken by some cosmic force passing through our earth and a pedestrian happened to find the phone off the hook and decided to place it back on it’s cradle. Please note that either occurrence is highly possible given a set of variables that I shall not calculate for you at this time.

Anyways, after all of this thinking about a broken phone I also thought, “Who the f*%k use a pay phone on the side of the street anymore. Everyone and their unborn child has a cellphone in their hands at all times awaiting the inevitable call from publishers warehouse telling them they have just won one trillion dollars. The other reason for not using the phone would be the GINORMOUS amount of germs on the phone itself!!

By the way I have a slight germ problem…

Well I could go on and on about just why I took a picture of this broken phone on the, but I think I have explained myself enough for now.

Stay tuned to hear more about the cosmic occurrences that may have possibly conspired to cause any number of every day objects to break, fall, or explode for no known reason.

    • JizzInMyPants
    • February 27th, 2009

    My money is on A. Good post. I look forward to more to come.

  1. DROP LIMES…not bombs

  2. rofl that was a funny stuiped thing lol cant stop laven

    • J9
    • February 28th, 2009

    That phone got beat up by Chris Brown, yo! He’s got to be stopped!

    • Ed
    • March 1st, 2009


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